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Yongsan Garrison  Rehab

Built in the 1910s by Japan, which then occupied the Korean peninsula, then rehabilitated by American forces at the end of the Korean War, the Yongsan military base is an unusual site that raises a multitude of issues.
Encompassed by the capital in full expansion from the 1960s, this 243 hectare land will soon be returned to the city and its population.



My transformation project is based on a series of strategies:

- The rehabilitation of existing infrastructure that can serve the city
- The drawing of a vast park linking the Namsan mountain to the Han river
- The weaving of an internal and external network to the site which explores the future means of circulation
- The design of new types of buildings and public spaces to create a new way of living in the city
- The creation of a symbolic central plaza, linking the Korean War Memorial to the National Museum
- A complete program adapted to the needs of the surrounding neighborhoods
- The assertion of the site as a unique space and a vehicle for experimentation

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Sections and axonometric views of the central square and new neighborhood

































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