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Tristan Huguen is an architect and urban planner, currently working at Babylone and studying at ENSA Paris-Belleville. (former student at the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris, France)


All along his academic career, Tristan has been influenced by his numerous trips and exchanges abroad. These experiences and discoveries pushed him to uphold local culture and heritages, as the world tends towards the standardization of arts and architecture.

Artistic creation is an integral part of Tristan Huguen’s reflection on architecture. His paintings and drawings interrogate the interactions between the human body, architecture, and landscape, shifting from romantic to surrealist compositions. These sensitive enquiries are one of his paths to better grasp, and later translate in his architecture, the different cultures and people he had the opportunity to meet.

Tristan creates peaceful architectural environments, mixing traditional codes with contemporary techniques and strategies. His projects present the users with subtle spaces suited to current sustainable needs and deeply connected with each sites’ history.

You can discover his work on this website under the following sections: Architecture, Painting, Graphic Design and Photography.


Tristan HUGUEN, Paris

  • Babylone (Landscaping - urban planning - 2022-2024)

  • Maast (Architecture - 2019)

  • Pinto (Interior design - 2019)



  • Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris-Belleville (2021-2023)

  • Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture (2016-2021)

  • Hongik University, Seoul (2020)

  • Technische Universitat Munchen (2018)

  • Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Publics (ESTP) (2017)


Final Project Presentation (2018)

Sans titre 2.png
Sans titre 2 (2).png
Sans titre 1 (2).png

You can know discover his work on this website: architecture, paintings, drawings and pictures. 

Find him on social medias :

  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
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