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Nongbareh Bridge

In collaboration with TUM Department of Architecture, Ferdinand Ludwig and Middleton, we studied ​the Nongbareh Tree Bridge located in the Dawki Valley, India. Hundreds of living tree bridges have been built in the past decades in Northern and Eastern India by the local population to cross over natural obstacles such as rivers or canyons. This complex and vigorous structure is made possible due to the high resistance of Ficus Elastica’s roots.

Pictures from Wilfrid Middleton


After studying the structure of the tree as modeled by the inhabitants of the village, we conceived a model, using wood, concrete, and wires. The main purpose of this work is to understand the relation between the living, the site, and human needs. It is further aimed at other architects, engineers, and biologist to inform them of alternative strategies and incite them to apply those in their work.


Model conception

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