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Neighborhood Transformation
Sendling, Munich 

Sendling is a South district of the city of Munich in Germany. Contrasted in its architecture, its circulations and spaces, this neighborhood is heterogeneous. Old industrial buildings, pavilions, small housing, and buildings surround a few offices and schools.

The lack of shops, livable public spaces and cultural programs are responsible for the low dynamism of the district. This is why we worked and rethought the entire organization of the neighborhood to put together a new friendly hotspot where the inhabitants would meet and discover a whole new kind of public spaces in Munich.

After analyzing the sector and interviewed the inhabitants, we defined the main issues that our project should address:

  • Building new pedestrian and bicycle paths and reorganize car traffic.

  • Building new green and open spaces for entertainment and sport.

  • Building family and student housings.

  • Transforming the old industrial buildings and factories into sports hall, exhibition spaces and workshops.

  • Building a canteen for the neighborhood and various other shops.

Those points need to be united under a general architectural identity and carried out as to ensure a good integration in the existing landscape within the framework of sustainable development.

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