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3 VLC is a project of house extension located in a residential suburb of Paris. This extension is intended to accommodate a kitchen, opened to the garden. This extension has to deal with the materials of the house, build with stones and decorated with cornice and moldings. It also has to deal with the height of the ground floor and the gain of light in the new kitchen. 

Here are two different and contrasted proposals:


First Proposal


10.3 m2

Structure in hollow bricks (20cm and interior insulation in rock wool (12cm). A zinc roof makes it possible to have a much thinner roof overall and thus not to protrude from the edges of the windows of the first floor. The stones of the existing staircase can be preserved and reused.

Aesthetically, a repeat of the lower band and small windows allow a light integration with the house but will never have as much charm as the current stone. Complete mimicry would cost far too much. Shrubs or plants can be planted under the berries of the new kitchen. The disadvantages of this solution are: the relatively limited area of ​​the kitchen which does not allow you to have a large table, and the slope of the roof (11% minimum) which strangely associates with the frieze of the house between the ground floor. floor and the first floor.


Second Proposal


18.5 m2

More contemporary and in opposition to the architectural style of the house, this solution creates a more striking voluntary contrast.

The kitchen level is aligned with the garden level and large bay windows let in more light. The larger surface allows to have the staircase inside as well, as a central worktop and a larger table.

A roof terrace (multiple types of coverings and colors possible) allows to align perfectly with the frieze of the house.

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